Purpose, Goals and INSPIRATION:

Romi’s spiritual self and creativity thrives when she's engulfed in the arms of Mother Nature.  It's there (through her lens) that she captures her passions for the outdoors, the arts and photography.   Her self-proclaimed purpose for her photography isn't just to nourish and share her creative soul but to inspire others.

Romi feels it's more important to have an inspiring goal then it is to find purpose, "because a goal gives you purpose".   Her inspiration then, comes from her enthusiastic desire to create a full, exciting and adventuresome life; to live and love wholeheartedly.

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April 17th., 2021:

While interviewing Romi in a coffee shop a while back I asked her how she defined success and what inspired her to get to where she is today; this is what she shared:

"Firstly, none of us are immune from hardships, that's life.  I use to think, why me(?) and then one day it dawned on me, why not me?".  Like everyone, Romi has faced a few challenges but she refuses to be defined by them.  Instead, she chooses to see the lessons in them; thus grow.  That to her, is "success".    

With the sudden loss of her first husband, a stillborn birth of a grandchild and then a divorce she hit rock bottom, each time. “It’s a dark and lonely place to live”, she admitted “however eventually I refused to live there and I knew something had to change, ....me”.   I then asked her to explain.  "One day (after my husband's passing), I read an article about the power of choice and I realized then, just how much of my life was controlled by my “choice”.   If I wanted an amazing life, I knew it was up to me to make it; and with that an epiphany was born, and I was determined!".  I asked her what other factors drove her motivation, to which she answered, “The realization that I had to accept what I couldn't change,  and change what I could ....myself.”  And so Romi chose to claim her own life and in the process an interest in self improvement, psychology and emotional intelligence grew. 

"I'm human", she tells me, "with instinctual human traits and tendencies but that doesn't make me any less a person, it makes me human.  Regardless my (our) human traits however, we all need to be loved and valued".  She then went on to say, "Don't get me wrong, I've made my share of mistakes but I try to grow despite of them".  She then laughs in attempt to lighten the conversation, “Oh believe me, I’ll make more mistakes, that’s a given".

As I watched her interact with some patrons in the coffee shop, I was impressed by her positive persona; it was attractive and attracting (I wanted more of it). When I asked her how she does that, she smiled back and replied , "When you smile at the world it (really) does smile back at you. In other words, the energy I send out comes back to me".  I asked her how she put on a happy face all the time?  “Oh I don't" she chuckled, "I have my moments... I am human after all”.  Curious, I continued, “Where did this personality trait come from?”  Romi’s answer, "I chose to be mindful of my energy and eventually it became a habit.  It's also good to remember not to give it away, which at times is easy to do".

As we departed, Romi left me with this lasting statement. “We all face challenges but it’s how we choose  to deal with them that matters most; our behavior is “our” responsibility, in all regards!”.  “Importantly” she continued, "we should remember that its in the space between a stimulus and our response, that we have the power to choose what’s important.  It’s there, in that moment of choice, that we’ll find growth and freedom”. 

May you all live wholeheartedly AND love generously and compassionately..... Romi ❤

The way you think may be leading you,

  rather than you leading the way you think.      

... Dave Hollis ...


- Through the “lens" of gratitude, you see potential.

- See your photographs in the way you feel the world. 

- Photographs capture a moment that’s gone forever, and impossible to reproduce.

- It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument

- Do the best you can until you know better, and when you know better, do better.

- Don't take a good photograph, make it.

- When you talk, you only hear something you already know but if you listen, you might learn something new. 

- The purpose of a dream is to give you the fuel that drives you, and a map that shows you the way.

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