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Romi Boon is a visual explorer whose curiosity and creativity along with desire, lead her way.  She thrives in making the most of her life, thus makes precious memories along the way. Not one to sit still, she's always planning the next "off the beaten path” adventure and loves to share them with others, including through her photography.

Romi's interest in photography started at the age of 6; when she was awarded a camera in a national sketching contest. Later, she was very fortunate to attend a high school that offered a photography course; she excelled in that class and later won the school's top honors in art. As years passed, she found herself juggling both a family and a busy career in business development, and had little time for her other creative passions.  One of those businesses however was a photo-lab and studio but after 14 years (and the transition to digital), Romi left her photographic career to pursue other business interests.  

Now in retirement, she has time to enjoy her many passions; which include photography, hiking, biking, kayaking, RVing and ATVing.  In missing the business and photography world however, she embraced the digital era and by doing so she discovered a whole new world of creativity; the results of which you see here.                 

In ROMI'S words:

*My spiritual self and creativity thrive when I'm engulfed in the arms of Mother Nature. It's there (through my lens) that I enjoy capturing my passion for the outdoors, the arts and photography. My self-proclaimed purpose for my photography isn't just to nurture my own creative soul but to inspire others as well.

*The "art" in photography is much more than capturing what I see; it's in the art of observing through the eyes of my soul. Photography then, leaves me with a sense of appreciation, curiosity, wonderment and love.

*The "art" in sharing my photography goes beyond the visual, and the stories for behind each image; it's my desire to touch and to move you in the same way I feel.... very blessed.  This then, is my ultimate intent.

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